David The Intern's Recommended Reads

Here at Hadron Strategies, we had the pleasure of hosting our first intern, David, who was interested in exploring digital marketing, value-based campaigns, and data-driven decision-making.

During the course of his internship we discussed intellectual curiosity and broadening what we know about the world around us.

Before he completed his internship, David compiled a series of interesting reads on a broad range of topics.

A large thank you to David. We hope you enjoy.

Biases Make People Vulnerable to Misinformation Spread by Social Media
Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia & Fiippo Menczer, Scientific American

Can the Economy Survive with More Open Jobs than Workers to Fill Them?
Erik Sherman, @ErikSherman, NBC News

Can we trust AI if we don't know how it works?
Marianne Lehnis, @MarianneLehnis, BBC News

And something...reassuring?:

This Is NASA's New Plan to Detect and Destroy Asteroids Before They Hit Earth
Hanneke Weitering, @HannekeScienceLive Scence